About Blackwell Contracting

Blackwell Contracting was started to fulfill the needs of companies in the utility industry. We provide complete underground utility services from directional boring to trenching to manhole installations.

Our Leadership

April Blackwell

April is a wife of over 30 years and a mom of two grown daughters.  She has held various management positions, including Director of Customer Care at one of the world’s largest SharePoint Hosting providers.  April places a strong emphasis on customer care at Blackwell Contracting, while overseeing the company and its employees, she believes the customer always comes first.

Jeff Blackwell
Operations Manager

Jeff spent over 30 years working in the outside plant side of one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. He oversees the operations side of Blackwell Contracting and he uses his experience to ensure that our services are provided on time and on budget.

Josh Pfeffer
Assistant Director of Operations

Josh currently oversees the underground utility division and mechanical team of Blackwell Contracting. Josh is also is in charge of permitting and procurement duties.

Ashley Youngblood

Ashley is currently conducting the receptionist duties at Blackwell Contracting as well as providing assistance with payroll.